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Calgary medical clinic shaves months off wait times using

Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange.

Meet the Secure Email Specialists

In medicine, when you have a specific need, you see a specialist. Brightsquid is the secure email specialist. We build secure email systems on our tested and proven platform to meet the unique needs of the medical industry. Our expertise is focused on ensuring your secure medical-grade messaging seamlessly integrates into practice with refined ease-of-use and free access for everyone you invite to safely exchange protected health information.

Join the thousands of clinics around the world that trust Brightsquid to deliver and manage critical patient information securely and efficiently, complying with all government and industry regulations to protect your patients and your clinic.


Spend less clinic support staff time on the phone chase with detailed appointment reminders delivered to the inbox patients check most. Send fewer faxes that require manual digitization or EMR integration. With this secure email-like system, you can reduce no-shows and more quickly fill canceled appointments. Create efficiency by focusing clinic time on your most involved patients.

Accelerate Treatment

Eliminate office visits for non-urgent cases, addressing many concerns more quickly, and in turn, creating more appointment availability for acute patients. Validate or revisit treatment plans between visits using followup messages rather than waiting for the next appointment. With more effective and efficient care for all, patient satisfaction goes up across your practice.



In Alberta, and a few other provinces, physicians are compensated for addressing patient concerns through a secure email or messaging platform like Brightsquid. Using Brightsquid, you can improve clinical productivity and off-set your monthly subscription with just 2 qualifying messages to patients.

Use in tandem with ANY EmR

Whichever EMR you use, Brightsquid can quickly receive exported information for secure transmission to patients or specialists. The benefit is that it doesn't matter which EMR resides at the receiving end so your options for collaboration aren't restricted by proprietary infrastructure.

“Brightsquid technology has accelerated our treatment efficiency so that we can help our patients feel better much sooner.”

-Dr. Mark Lewis, Director of Operations, Caleo Health

Brightsquid's Proven Secure Email Technology


Messages Managed


Health Care Professionals





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Direct Patient Messaging - Enable safe, secure, and compliant messaging to patients with the patient-centric platform for secure healthcare collaboration. By communicating results, plans, and treatments with patients via secure messaging, you introduce a transparency that gives patients more ownership of their healthcare. As a result, patients are happier, more likely to comply with treatment plans.

Free Collaborator Access - Every patient, practice, and physician you invite to use Secure-Mail with you has free unlimited access to receive your messages and send replies without paying a cent. The clinics you invite to connect over Secure-Mail only pay when they decide it’s time to communicate with their patients or practices other than yours.

Top-level Security - Your data is protected by a security system that complies with the most strict privacy protection regulations in the world.

True Privacy Compliance - Encrypting email is only one component of protecting patient privacy in the eyes of the law. How and where information is stored, tracking access to patient data, and recording and archiving all transactions is also required. If you’re not using Brightsquid in your practice, managing those responsibilities may fall to you.

Proven Platform - You are not a test subject. The Brightsquid platform has been used by more than 17,000 healthcare professionals around the world over seven years. Compliance is proven by annual third-party audits. Functionality and usability have been validated by use in thousands of clinics.

Live Expert Support - In the event you have questions about your account, or one of your patients or colleagues needs help getting started, our support team is available to help via phone, chat, or email.

Just Like Email - You, your staff and your patients will be instantly comfortable on the Secure-Mail interface, it was designed to look, feel, and function just like the most popular email platforms. Users keep existing email addresses and receive new message notifications right in their inbox.

Attach Anything - You can upload 500MB in file attachments with each message. Attach lab results or full radiology reports in one message without degrading image quality.

Controlled Access Anywhere - Login to confidentially review and send secure messages from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Advanced security tracks and logs all message access for optimum privacy protection.